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Placing an Ad on This Website

Every business with an office in Oracle, Arizona, may advertise on this website. An advertisement consists of your Yellow Page category, company name, Oracle address (PO Box or just "Oracle" is OK) and Oracle telephone number. You may add a link to your commercial website and a logo. Please include your name when making the request. The fee is $15.00 per year. Contact for more information.

If your business provides food or lodging, your ad will appear on the Food and Lodging page and reach a targeted audience. Otherwise, your ad will appear on four of the five most popular pages in this website: About Oracle, Attractions, Events, and Government/Community Services.

Listing Your Organization

If you belong to a special-interest organization open to the public that meets monthly in Oracle, you may have the organization listed on the Organizations page at no charge. Provide the information you see on the Organizations page along with your name.

Contact to learn more.

Submitting Events

Organizations open to the general public are encouraged to submit their events in Oracle to be posted on the Events page. The event should be submitted at least one week in advance and should be described on a website or a printed event flyer submitted in jpg, png or pdf form. Submit the website address or the document to The website is updated every Monday.


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